Aimpoint Associates, LLC started with an idea, the idea that a hydrostatic test pump could be powered by a cordless drill. Out of that idea we created a unique cutting edge patent pending drill powered hydrostatic test pump we call the TP-1. We are continuing to design and introduce innovative products backed by a strong commitment to customer service.

At Aimpoint Associates our first thought when we design a new product is will it save our customers money through labor savings? We have been in the contracting business for twenty five plus years, so we know how important labor savings can be to the success of a project.

We have found that some of the best ideas come from the people on the job site doing the work. In fact, the “Thread Wright” die calibration tool came from a customer with an idea. For that reason we value our customers’ opinions and feedback on our products and any ideas they may have that could make us better.