Frequently Asked Questions

General Information about the TP-1 and the “Thread Wright”

  1. Where can I purchase the TP-1 and/or Thread Wright?

    Go to the Shop page on this site, or you may also contact your favorite distributor and ask if they carry Aimpoint products.

  2. Does the TP-1 operate with antifreeze solutions?

    The TP-1 will operate with antifreeze solutions.  However, the TP-1 will not be warrantied if used to pump antifreeze.  If used to pump antifreeze, it’s important to always flush the pump with water after contact with antifreeze.

  3. Do I need a water supply under pressure for the TP-1 to work?

    The TP-1 is self priming up to 6′-0″ in elevation and will pump directly from a bucket.  It is important to have a tight connection between the suction hose and the inlet to the pump to prevent air from entering into the pump.

  4. For what other tasks can the TP-1 be used?

    The TP-1 has been used for pulling foam system samples and to charge an antifreeze system.  This is not recommended and is not warrantied if used for these activities.

  5. What is the recommended drill for the TP-1 to work?

    We recommend a 1/2″ 18 volt or higher drill.

  6. What are the requirements to use the TP-1?

    The TP-1 only requires a 1/4 horsepower motor which is the most common motor on a 1/2″ 18 volt or higher drill.

  7. Will the TP-1 fill a system?

    It will, but it is not recommended.  The pump is designed to pump pressure not volume.  If you use it to fill a system it will use a great deal if not all of your battery charge.

  8. Are replacement parts available for the TP-1?

    Yes, the external parts are available to customers upon request.  At this time the internal parts and/or repairs are only available by sending the unit back to Aimpoint Associates for repair.

  9. What’s the psi limit of the TP-1?

    250 psi.

  10. How is the TP-1 better than most common electric hydrostatic test pumps on the market?

    The TP-1 is a lightweight hand held pump making it easier to transport and move around than the heavier common pumps.  The TP-1 is not dependent on having a power source to plug into.


  1. What does the warranty include?

    The new TP-1 Hydrostatic Test Pumps are warranted to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for one year from the date of purchase.

  2. What’s not included in the warranty?

    Warranty does not cover damage caused by improper operation of the pump. Warranty does not cover damage from starvation of the pump or foreign matter ingestion.  Warranty does not include any issues related to the use of antifreeze.

  3. Any additional information I need to know about the use/misuse of the product?

    Always use a screen on the inlet of the pump and make sure the pump is empty of water in freezing conditions.

  4. How much time does the warranty cover the product?

    The warranty covers a period of one year.

  5. When does my warranty begin?

    The warranty begins on the date noted on the invoice you receive from your place of purchase. You must confirm your warranty by filling out the form here, and must be registered within 30 days of purchase.