Handheld Hydrostatic Test Pump?


TP-1 Hydrostatic Test Pump and Cordless Drill

Up until now(2012) pumping up a fire sprinkler system, plumbing system, or underground water line has been done using a

hydrostatic test pump driven by either an electric powered motor or a gas powered motor. Traditionally these pump and motor

combinations have been heavy and require an electric source you can plug into, or gasoline to run the engine. The TP-1

Handheld Hydrostatic Test Pump solves both the weight and power issues. The TP-1 weighs less than five pounds and requires

only an cordless drill to operate.  Simply attach the cordless drill to the pump shaft, set the drill on reverse and pull the trigger.

The pump is capable of producing pressure up to 250 psi, which is sufficient for most Fire sprinkler systems, plumbing systems,

and underground water lines.