Fire Department Connection Locking Cap LC-1


Fire department hookups could save your building one day. Unfortunately they are often the target of birds nests and people who can’t find a trash can. This debris will slow down response time in an emergency. Caps are required but the traditional brass caps are often the target of thieves looking to make a quick buck at the scrap yard.

The Aimpoint LC-1 Locking Cap is designed to protect your hookup points while easily breaking away in the event of an emergency.

Set of two caps with tamper proof screws and key wrench.

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During a fire in a building protected by a fire sprinkler system the Fire Department Connection (FDC) is used by the Fire Department to supplement the water supply to the sprinkler system. The Fire Department cannot do their job of protecting the building if the FDC has been compromised by being blocked with debris. Unprotected openings in FDC’s are a common spot for birds to build nests and for people to dispose of various forms of trash. Caps are required to keep the FDC and the piping connecting it to the sprinkler system free from obstructions. Brass caps and plugs originally were used to protect the openings to FDC’s, but they have been the target of thieves due to their value as scrap. Plastic caps can be an inexpensive alternative, but they tend to degrade in the elements and are easily removable. The Aimpoint LC-1 Locking Cap provides a better alternative to brass caps, plastic caps, and any other locking type FDC caps.


  • 1. Low cost alternative to other locking caps or plugs.
  • 2. Uses a tool common to the Fire Sprinkler Industry to attach the LC-1 to the FDC. This gives the Fire Sprinkler Contractor the ability to install the LC-1, and gives either the sprinkler contractor or the building owner the ability to remove the cap quarterly to inspect for obstructions as required by NFPA 25 13.7.1-9.
  • 3. Local fire officials are relieved of the labor burden of installing and/or removing the cap for the owner of the building or for the fire sprinkler contractor inspecting the system.
  • 4. The LC-1 has a unique breakaway capability which allows the Fire Department to remove the cap in a matter of seconds by use of the pry bar end of a spanner wrench. The quicker addition of water to the sprinkler system through the FDC keeps the fire from growing, potentially saving Fire Fighters lives as well as property.
  • 5. The scrap metal value of the LC-1 is pennies making it an unlikely target for vandals.
  • 6. The LC-1 is made of thick stainless steel sheet metal plate to prevent any metallic
    bonding due to exposure to the elements.
  • 7. By sitting on the outside of the opening to the FDC there is no possibility of damage to the internal threads of the FDC due to metallic bonding.

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